Dental implants are artificial (screwed) roots of different diameters and lengths that are placed in the maxillary or mandibular bone to replace one or several teeth.

¿How are dental implants placed?

The surgery to place an implant is quick and painless, it is performed under local anesthesia. Patients with anxiety can decide to have this procedure under conscious sedation performed by an anesthesiologist.

Before a dental implant surgery, the doctor plans al the treatment using a tomography to be able to observe the state of the bone and determine the length and diameter of the implant needed. In some cases, the patient presents bone loss where its necessary to perform bone grafts so that the implant has better support.

For this procedure the doctor makes an incision in the patients gum to expose the bone where the implant will be screwed with the measures already established in the planning. After the implant is screwed to the bone a healing cap is placed. The patient should wait a few months for the placement of the final crown.

¿What type of restoration is placed over implants?

Four to six months after the placement of the implant the rehabilitation phase begins. In DCW Dental Center we use high quality materials with the greatest technology are used for the preparation of dental crowns or hybrid protheses (ALL ON 4).

All on Four

The best option for patients who have lost several or all their teeth. These type of prothesis is placed over 4-6 implants for the complete replacement of the rch with an Acrylic or Zirconium protheses.

Clients share their experience

All the treatments that I have undergone at DCW Dental Center have had excellent results. The y are very special treatments and they make me feel confident in all the processes.
I am satisfied with the final results of the treatment. Excellent attention from all the staff!
I visit Costa Rica frequently and I like to have dental treatments with the same quality of services in my country. I am very grateful to the whole staff.
Mr. Anderson