Doctor Chin Wo has more than 20 years of experience performing aesthetic procedures that generate a life changing impact on patients. When patients present worn, fractures or have lost their teeth the treatments performed are: 

  • Crowns
  • Veneers
  • Bridges

¿What are dental crowns?

This type of restoration used to restore the patient’s shape, size and function of a damage or missing tooth. Crowns surround the preparation in a tooth or the abutment of an implant to replace the missing tooth. In DCW Dental Center we use the greatest technology to design and manufacture the dental crowns.

¿What are dental veneers?

This type of treatment is considered minimum invasive. Veneers are thin sheets that adhere to the tooth improving shape, color and position of the teeth changing the aesthetics of the patients smile.

Complete dental rehabilitation

A complete rehabilitation involves the restoration of all 28 teeth of a patient to improve the aesthetics and function.

This type of treatment is performed when patient presents wear, fractures, cavities or crowding teeth. This treatment needs a previous diagnosis that includes x-rays, tomography, intraoral scans and study models where our specialists found all the dental needs of the patient and perform a treatment plan. In this plan it is established how many crowns, veneers, implants, root canals or orthodontic treatment is needed.

Complete oral rehabilitation makes life changing impacts to patients.

Clients share their experience

All the treatments that I have undergone at DCW Dental Center have had excellent results. The y are very special treatments and they make me feel confident in all the processes.
I am satisfied with the final results of the treatment. Excellent attention from all the staff!
I visit Costa Rica frequently and I like to have dental treatments with the same quality of services in my country. I am very grateful to the whole staff.
Mr. Anderson